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Japanese Noren - Hana (pink) - 麻暖簾 - 花 ピンク

Japanese Noren - Hana (pink) - 麻暖簾 - 花 ピンク

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Genuine Japanese noren made from "asa" (textile hemp), handcrafted in Uji, Kyoto prefecture. The noren is an iconic object of Japanese aesthetics and will offer any type of architecture a touch of wabi-sabi, favorable to relaxation. Both sides of the noren are carefully dyed using the "yuzen" traditional coloring technique. Ideal at the entrance of a room, as a decorative object or as a shop front, it is the perfect object to bring a colorful touch and a zen design to your interior. The "Hana" model represents a flower with a sober design, specific to Japanese culture. 


This product is custom made. The shipment will be made from Japan between 15 to 21 days once your order has been validated. Thank you for your understanding. 
Depending on the type of screen used by your device, the shades of colors may vary slightly. We will not accept returns or provide refunds if the color does not meet your expectations.


  • Product type : Japanese Noren
  • Textile: Asa (textile hemp)
  • Dimension : Height: 59.1 in (1500mm), Width: 34.64 in (880mm)
Washing your noren should be done by hand. Once gently washed, drying should be done naturally and your fabric should not be folded or pressed. If you squeeze or fold it, wrinkles and marks will remain after drying. If possible, once the fabric is completely dry, iron your noren with a steam iron.

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