Unique pieces of art directly from Japan.

The artists we collaborate with are exceptional; theirs craftsmanship too. Our shop offers collectors items, from limited quantities to one of a kind. 100% Japanese made, treat yourself to a rare and exclusive product from the Japanese archipelago.

  • Sahari Orin—Nanjō Kōbō Foundry: Forging the Sounds of Awakening

    When visiting Kyōto, it is almost impossible to escape the ringing harmony of Japanese spirituality echoing from any number of temples and shrines. And, since the final days of Medieval Japan, the Nanjō Kōbō Foundry has taken part in the creation of traditional musical instruments intended for use in Shintō and Buddhist rites, rituals, and celebrations.

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  • Hōnenji: Temple of Living Buddha Mountain

    The town of Busshōzan seems to rise from the surrounding fields in an almost casual kind of way and the meandering Shōwa Era streets and alleys stand in some sort of juxtaposition to the concrete-framed corporate culture of Takamatsu City to the north. Literally meaning, “Living Buddha Mountain” the town might be forgotten were it not for the popular Busshōzan Onsen which opened only as recently as 2005. 

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  • 100% Made in Japan

    A "Japanese" object doesn't necessarily mean "made" in Japan. At Unjapan, all the artists and craftsmen we work with are recognized by their peers and their pieces are 100% Japanese-made. The proof? For each artist we promote, we produce a video of their work. Check our youtube channel

  • Refund in case of delivery problems

    We do everything in our power to ensure that your items are protected. However, in the event of problems during transport, all our shipments are insured so that we can reimburse you in the event of damage or loss. (conditions )

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    For purchases over $200, international shipping is free.

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