Unique pieces of art directly from Japan.

The artists we collaborate with are exceptional; theirs craftsmanship too. Our shop offers collectors items, from limited quantities to one of a kind. 100% Japanese made, treat yourself to a rare and exclusive product from the Japanese archipelago.

  • Yamaroku: Preserving the Flavors of the Past

    Torii gates, sushi, manga, and Mount Fuji are just some of the many things that immediately shout “Japan!” at anyone who will listen. And yet another one of these intensely Japanese signals, though perhaps more subtle, is the humble bottle of soy-sauce. And while shared across the culinary landscape of East Asian, it is perhaps right here in this place we call Shikoku that the finest examples of the condiment can be found. 

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  • Nakatsu Gorge: The Water in the Mountains

    Ringed by the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea to the north and swept by the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean to the south, Shikoku is truly a study in contrasts and if any one of the four prefectures of the island exhibit the full extent of this it is surely Kōchi, the sprawling southern prefecture of Shikoku. 

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  • 100% Made in Japan

    A "Japanese" object doesn't necessarily mean "made" in Japan. At Unjapan, all the artists and craftsmen we work with are recognized by their peers and their pieces are 100% Japanese-made. The proof? For each artist we promote, we produce a video of their work. Check our youtube channel

  • Refund in case of delivery problems

    We do everything in our power to ensure that your items are protected. However, in the event of problems during transport, all our shipments are insured so that we can reimburse you in the event of damage or loss. (conditions )

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    For purchases over $200, international shipping is free.

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