About us

Hello there!

Allow us to transport you to the heart of Japan through the tale of Unjapan, a dream that sprouted into reality at the close of 2020. Although our journey began recently, the seeds of Unjapan were sown deep within Japan for quite some time.

Unjapan is a vibrant duo residing in Uji, within the scenic Kyoto prefecture: Mai, a native Japanese with generations-long ties to esteemed Japanese artisans, and Pierre, a man of Franco-Scottish descent. Mai's family has been intricately connected to luxury Japanese artisans, particularly those crafting the famed Kutani porcelains. From this familial bond, blossomed a fervor for the arts and crafts of Japan, accompanied by an unwavering respect for the dedicated work of these gifted artists.

This connection has bestowed upon us the privilege of earning the trust of these exceptional masters, who are discerning in selecting those they collaborate with. Thanks to their generosity and assistance, Unjapan, through its online boutique, offers you the opportunity to acquire unique pieces directly from Japan—items that are otherwise challenging to procure beyond its borders.

Yet, Unjapan is more than just an online store. We aspire to form lasting connections and share the latest updates from the artists we have the honor of collaborating with. Within our blog section, you'll find engaging articles that invite you to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and unravel the mysteries held by these incomparable artisans.

Our blog is a portal to transport you on a journey; a journey to discover the unique stories and portraits of individuals residing in Japan, who graciously divulge their professions and passions. You can delve into our series curated by Stéphane Vautrin, whose invaluable contributions significantly bolster our small yet dedicated team and enrich our YouTube channel.

Whether you choose to indulge in a rare and exclusive item from the Japanese archipelago or simply relish the virtual voyage through our stories, we invite you to be a part of the Unjapan experience.

Warm regards from the Unjapan team.