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Cup - Sakura × Black - 桜 × 黒

Cup - Sakura × Black - 桜 × 黒

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“Cherry x Black” - With a sleek and contemporary Japanese design, this porcelain cup beholds a simple aesthetic, resulting from “wabi-sabi”, or “imperfect beauty”. “Wabi-Sabi” has influenced many artists in the West, especially in Scandinavia. This splendid piece is the result of a collaboration with the Danish design studio “OeO”. For lovers of modern and refined lines, this cup will perfectly compliment any contemporary architectural environment.

  • Product type: Asahiyaki Cup
  • Material: Porcelain, black and sakura varnishing
  • Firing: Gas Kiln
  • Packaging: Cardboard box
  • Dimension: Diameter 3 in Height 3.9 in
  • Capacity: 300ml
When using this product for the first time, it is recommended to soak the tea bowl in room temperature water for 10 minutes to avoid unwanted spots and stains.

Flavors of your favorite beverages are enhanced each time you use your tea bowl. It is recommended that you use your tea ware as often as possible for a more flavorful experience each time you drink!

This product should be washed with care by hand, and left to air dry before storing.

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