Our story

Konnichiwa! Unjapan came to fruition at the end of 2020. It may seem recent, but Unjapan has had roots in Japan for quite a while!

First, Unjapan is a couple living in Uji, Kyoto prefecture: Mai, a Japanese woman, and Pierre, a Franco-Scottish man. Mai's family has had links with luxury Japanese artisans for generations. It is connected to the clay makers who provide the raw material necessary for the manufacture of the famous Kutani porcelains. From this bond, a passion was born for luxury Japanese arts and crafts, but also a deep respect for the work of these artists.

It has also allowed us to gain the trust of exceptional masters who do not open their doors to the first comers. Thanks to their help and kindness, Unjapan, via its online boutique allows you to order unique pieces directly from Japan, otherwise difficult to obtain outside of its borders. 

By the way, Unjapan is not just an online store. We want to follow up and share news from the artists with whom we collaborate. In our blog section, you will find articles to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and unlock the secrets of these incomparable artisans. 

Our blog also aims to make you travel; discover original portraits of people living in Japan who will share their profession and their passions. You can watch our reports produced by Stéphane Vautrin, who greatly helps our small team with our channel. Youtube

Treat yourself to a rare and exclusive item from the Japanese archipelago or simply enjoy the trip.

The Unjapan team.