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Kyoto: 有瀬肇 - Hajime Aruse, the genie of the lamp, is in Kyoto

Kyoto : 有瀬肇 - Hajime Aruse, le génie de la lampe, est à Kyoto

Hajime Aruse, the genie of the lamp, is in Kyoto

Discover our new portrait of the collector and restorer of collectible lamps, Hajime Aruse. Hajime-san describes himself as a ¨Otaku of lamps¨ and has treasures in his store like “Gras” lamps from the early 20th century. Hajime-san renovates, repairs but also takes care of the lighting of many emblematic restaurants and bistros of Kyoto.

  To see Hajime Aruse exclusive interview, it's here: (activate subtitles in the Youtube player)

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