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Komatsu: 吉田るみこ - Rumiko Yoshita

Komatsu : 吉田るみこ - Rumiko Yoshita

Rumiko Yoshita the artist who sublimes gold - Kinzangama Kutani ware

Discover the work of Rumiko Yoshita ceramists in Kinzangama, Kutaniyaki, interview in the magnificent "Mutan" gallery designed to sublimate gold.

To see Rumiko Yoshita exclusive interview, it's here: (activate subtitles in the Youtube player)

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Uji : 佐波理おりん南條工房 - Sahari Orin - Nanjo Kobo 

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Kyoto : 有瀬肇 - Hajime Aruse, le génie de la lampe, est à Kyoto

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Nomi : 福島武山 福島礼子 - Buzan & Reiko Fukushima

Nomi: 福島武山 福島礼子 - Buzan & Reiko Fukushima


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