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Komatsu: 九谷セラミック・ラボラトリー - CERABO KUTANI

Komatsu : 九谷セラミック・ラボラトリー - CERABO KUTANI

How are made Japanese ceramics from Kutani ? with Cerabo Museum

Last video for our series dedicated to Kutani Yaki ceramics. Discover the incredible "Cerabo" Museum-Boutique presented by Yuko Nakaoka and Yasuhiro Ogata.

To see Yuko Nakaoka and Yasuhiro Ogata exclusive interview, it's here (activate subtitles):

And find out our exceptional crafts from Japan:

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Nomi : 福島武山 福島礼子 - Buzan & Reiko Fukushima

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Uji : 十六世 松林豊斎 - Matsubayashi Hosai XVI

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Kyoto : 深川 龍丈 - Fukagawa Ryuji - Un grand chef sushi

Kyoto: 深川 龍丈 - Fukagawa Ryuji - A Great Sushi Chef


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