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Nomi: 福島武山 福島礼子 - Buzan & Reiko Fukushima

Nomi : 福島武山 福島礼子 - Buzan & Reiko Fukushima

Transmission from father to daughter in Japan: Akae, Kutaniyaki ; Buzan and Reiko Fukushima

Discover the extraordinary work of Buzan Fukushima. An artist recognized throughout the world for his collaboration with Hermès for two watch models, the "Koma Kurabé" and "la femme aux semelles de vent". In this touching portrait, this master of the "Akae" style for Japanese porcelain from Kutaniyaki, explains his story to us as well as the transmission of his creative art to his daughter Reiko Fukushima.

To see Reiko and Fukushima Buzan exclusive interview, it's here: (activate subtitles in the Youtube player)

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